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Video game lovers and Crypto lovers unite, we finally have a game to be excited for! A fully decentralized crypto-collectible game.

Best Monster Battle Crypto Game: When Pokemon meets blockchain - World of Ether

What is World of Ether?

All you need is one egg to start...

World of Ether (WoE) is an online game that is focused around the collection, breeding, and fighting of monsters. Each monster is stored inside of a contract and referenced by the WoE proprietary platform. You can then battle, breed, sire, and sell on the marketplace - we’ll get more into what those mean further down. Welcome to the World of Ether! Stay with me as we explore quite possibly the most exciting blockchain gaming project in the ecosystem.

I first stumbled onto World of Ether sometime in December of 2017. It was by sheer fluke that I fell onto a Youtube video by Alain Goldman who is the co-founder along with his brother. The video was a lecture that Alain frequently does regarding the development of video games using blockchain technology. There I found his project World of Ether and my eyes lit up, as I felt they were capitalizing on the best concepts of Pokemon and Hearthstone (two of the hottest games).

How much are World of Ether eggs?

During its presale it launched on 1/15/18 it sold an amazing HALF MILLION dollars of its pre-sale assets in its first 48 hours!!! The pre-sale assets are currently 0.70945 ETH, around 500.04 USD at time of writing (5-20-18).

The game starts with the purchase of an egg that will hatch your first monster.

Eggs are purchased with ETH through Meta Mask. As I mentioned earlier a single egg is currently 0.70945 ETH, what's interesting is the price of each egg rises by 0.00035 ETH with each purchase. Egg prices will rise by 15% upon launch of the full game in order to increase reliance on the monster marketplace. Once you have an egg you will be able to hatch it into a monster to which you can use to start battling, breeding for more monsters or selling onto a marketplace.

What do World of Ether monsters do?

So you might be asking, what can I do with my monsters? Monsters are used to battle other opponents using its own set of abilities and power level. Your creatures don't level up, however you as a character yourself will go up in level (to a max of 50) resulting in greater chances of breeding legendary creatures.

The official guide explains that each monster's strength is measured in battle points. For example, a particular monster may come in a range of 800 - 1,200. These battle points are used inside of battles to produce a winner. Higher BP increases your probability of winning a battle, but anything can happen. It's worth noting that they developed a cool down for monsters after they have battled. So you will obviously want a monster with a high BP and low cool down. This is what excites me the most about World of Ether, unlike crypto kitties you can actually utilize your monster in an exciting way and engaging with others in the blockchain community?

Can you get to the top of the World of Ether?

What kind of monsters can I breed in World of Ether?

Monsters can also breed to create more monsters. When you have a male and female of a particular type of monster you can pair them to breed an entirely new monster. Currently there are 200 monsters in total, However, you may periodically breed entirely new monsters which will be added into the game (of which their statistics are randomized to an algorithm in order to maintain decentralization) with the WoE team only providing the artwork, name, and lore. When you discover a new monster your name will show up by the avatar and everyone knows you discovered it! This concept is truly unique to World of Ether that can only be done through the blockchain.

What is the World of Ether marketplace?

Much like crypto kitties there will be a marketplace to buy and sell monsters in World of Ether. The marketplace is fully decentralized, players set the price of the monsters they sell. With the marketplace you can put your newly created monster up for sale (this is called sired in game), or buy that one you've been trying to get for so long.

The marketplace will serve a function for many users. However we should note that like any online game with a marketplace an economy will surely form. Hear me out when I say THIS IS NOT AN INVESTMENT THIS IS A GAME FIRST AND FOREMOST. But as you see in the picture below some monsters could fetch a really pretty penny. I think those who get into the pre-sale eggs will be able to have a slight advantage in the marketplace as the pre-sale eggs gave some unique abilities like the monster DISCORD who can kill an opponent with one move (see below). I will explain about some more advantages in the next paragraph.

So to me there is a big advantage of buying eggs in the egg presale. Eggs increase in price by 15% upon launch of the full game in order to stabilize the monster marketplace. The egg presale buyers will be hatching and breeding the first monsters on the marketplace, which new players are incentivized to purchase by there being a very high egg price. Presale eggs have other advantages as well. Monsters that hatch from these eggs have no cooldown period for the first breed (subsequent monsters, however, do have a cooldown period) and presale eggs are also more likely to hatch rarer and stronger monsters! In this writer's opinion it's worth getting 2-4 eggs because if you get a male and female you can start breeding right away!

Currently there are 200 monsters in game. WIthin that there are five types of monsters, each generally more powerful than the last: Sun, Ocean, Life, Death, Astral. There are four grades of rarity, each generally more powerful than the last: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary. Legendary monsters can’t breed. The monsters all have their own unique badass avatar, these guys are not cute and cuddly creatures. Just look at this beast who is a sun monster.

This is a very exciting blockchain project. Many online games become lackluster because the development team continually picks at it and creates imbalances.

With World of Ether we have the comfort in knowing its fully decentralized and that puts the game in the players hands. I think everyone should check out this game because it not only looks fun but really shows the validity and the promise that these blockchain projects can bring to people.

- Signed: Thecryptohistorian


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