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A new investment structure called First Loan Acquisition (ILP) can solve these problems to some extent and slowly begin to adopt. ILP is actually a universal digital loan agreement that uses knowing your customer (KYC) smart contract technology, a way to target a company rather than a specific cryptocurrency . A loan agreement means that investors can receive interest on company performance and trade these loans in a manner similar to cryptocurrency. Because ILPs are more secure and because they can be sold to other investors like stocks, they provide investors with a safer way to invest in new cryptocurrency or blockchain companies. The best practitioner of ILP is Blockhive. This is an Estonian blockchain incubator that issues the ILP protocol instead of the traditional digital currency. The pass obtained by Blockhive's investors can be used as a creditor agreement, which means that these agreements can be traded like other digital assets, but they can also allow investors to jointly own 20% of the company's profit ownership.

Is the risk of ICO too great? Take a look at ILP, the new future of blockchain investment - ICO风险太大?一起来看看ILP,区块链投资的新未来_巴比特_服务于区块链创新者

基于债务的一个新的ICO替代方案——ILP(Initial Loan Procurement,首次贷款获得)显示出了其应用前景,并希望早日得到应用。它提供了ICO代币的可交易性以及在没有政府监管的情况下为区块链技术提供资金的能力,但同…

It also seems as if just about everyone is considering an ICO but they go to great pains to avoid being classified as a security to be free of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. The regulators from both local (New York State) and federal agencies have taken a more aggressive stance recently with ICOs and cryptos in general. This could be a plus for the European and Asian markets as firms looking to launch might choose other countries with less aggressive regulators. The SEC recently announced that all ICOs will be considered as a security which means they will fall under their jurisdiction and will need to be regulated. The commissioner Jay Clayton has stated in regard to ICOs, “we regulate the offering of that security and regulate the trading of that security.” From what I have been told and learned some players were able to get around this security designation by using a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT). Those with a SAFT invest in the firm’s technology but not in the firm. In other words they have no ownership stake in the firm itself. A small but key difference from IPOs for example. However, the new opinion by the SEC will change that. I am not a lawyer and will not pretend to give legal advice. I would suggest that if doing an ICO in the United States get a good lawyer who understands the latest regulations which appear to be changing by the week.

The New York Crypto and The City Scene

Written by Wayne Walker I am working yet again in New York City and I wanted to share some observations on the scene here in contrast to Europe. My viewpoint has a different angle because I grew up, studied, and worked the early parts of my career here before moving to Europe where I now live.

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