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The DOBI Dobby Trading Platform officially announced that several major consortiums such as Capital, Thai Royal Family, and Hong Kong Real Estate have invested more than US$10 million in the Dolby trading platform to help Dobby’s trading platform enhance its own strength and lay out global development. The DOBI Dolby trading platform and the consortiums such as Capital, Thailand and Hong Kong have discussed in a number of meetings for three months, and finally decided to jointly invest in the stock investment plan. It is intended to cooperate with the Dolby trading platform to expand domestic and foreign teams and deploy overseas ATMs .

As for the capital, combined with Thailand, Hong Kong and other major consortia, 10 million US dollars invested in the DOBI trading platform 转自【链世界】:至臻资本联合泰国、香港等几大财团,投资千万美金入股多比交易平台 – 链世界


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