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In total, there are currently over 2,100 bitcoin ATMs operating in the United States, according to Coin ATM Radar, which tracks the growth of bitcoin ATM locations. They’re in almost every state, and there are well over 200 in New York City, around 300 in Los Angeles and about 200 in Chicago, according to the site. Five or six new ones are installed every day, it added, and the average fee is 8.69%.

The growing number of cryptocurrency ATMs is one of many signs of the ongoing and dramatic technological shift in ATM technology in general. In recent years, companies have been testing everything from biometric face scans to holograms and terminals that don’t have any card readers at all.

Consumer expectations are also changing.

The survey also found 34% wanted biometric identification to replace PIN entry, and 32% wanted check-cashing capabilities. About one in four said they wanted an email receipt option and 19% wanted bill pay.

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