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Links to Bitcoin referral bonuses and discounts for exchange platforms (for all levels of investing experience) are at the bottom of this page.

But this 1.5 minute video from Money Morning is a must watch if you are an entrepreneur.

Average investors are turning into millionaires…

Bitcoin has become very powerful.

So powerful that it has caught the attention of our entire economy.

And that has given a profound new life to the ways in which us human beings exchange money.

Because of this, we all need to pay attention, this is our global economy we are talking about…

The video puts it together perfectly.

Cryptocurrencies are unlocking a brand new way to store and manage our finances and wealth using a powerful new technology called blockchain.

Technological innovation has given birth to a new and powerful market

Payouts on currencies vary, but some reach upwards of hundreds and thousands of percent increases.

Bitcoin prices move very rapidly in both directions, but the market has a very bullish sentiment overall. As seen by the extreme investments made at the end of 2017. This much of a price move is an indication of the reality that is cryptocurrencies, and the belief, of our economy, in blockchain technology as a means of financial exchange.

Bitcoin #HODLER in December 2017.

That means many people who have made small investments in cryptocurrencies are seeing big changes in their lives. This December 2017 has been a monumental shift for cryptocurrencies. So much so that the many people who purchased Bitcoin at $1000, $2000, or even $3000 dollars are living Cinderella stories of their own.

Screenshots for Bitcoin program payouts are here.

Everyone dreams, but not everyone lives…

A list of links to invest into the core cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, as well as peripheral and micro currencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Alt coins respectively, are included below.

For veteran cryptovestors, if you would like to purchase Alt Coins, such as Ripple (XRP), Verge (XVG), or EthLEND (LEND), the best platform is Binance.

But before you can purchase alt coins, you must have Bitcoin (BTC). Because that is what is used to buy them. Cryptocurrencies (BTC) to buy cryptocurrencies (VRG) to buy cryptocurrencies (BTC) to buy cash (USD) or to buy products that are becoming increasingly available (there are many online stores that take Bitcoin now, and even more on the way).

Coinsquare is great because you can make quick trades and convert your crypto currency into USD or other FIAT currencies very easily.

That is how this market works. Capturing value in your exchanges.

This entire crypto ecosystem revolves around Bitcoin, it is the core currency.

You’ll see the links below as a great way to start.

But always remember, Bitcoin is the key that unlocks this market for you.

Check out some of the platforms below.

Also, you can Email me if you get stuck somewhere.

This market is getting very intense, and the entire world is watching very carefully.

– Alex, Peak Demand Inc. –
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